Established by Mark and Janet Hassakis, the M. Denny Hassakis Fund focuses on improving Illinois’ juvenile justice system, through advocacy to promote public policy changes and support of programs helping vulnerable youth. 

Recent Grantees

Illinois Judges Association/Illinois Judges Foundation

$5,000 "Your Future, Your Choice" Video Program

This funding supports the development of a new IJA/IJF in-school program designed for students that focuses on improving interactions between youth, the police department, and the justice system as well as creating discussion in schools in at-risk communities around Illinois.

James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy

$10,000 for the Defender Pilot Program

This funding supports a pilot program consisting of a panel of attorneys who will represent young adults who have been committed to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice's facility in Harrisburg, and who have been or who are presently being prosecuted by the Saline County State's Attorney for disciplinary incidents within the youth prison. The Defender Pilot Program will provide low-income youth with trained and competent representation to challenge the prosecutions.

Juvenile Justice Initiative

$5,000 for the Summit on Emerging Adults

This funding supports the Juvenile Justice Initiative's Summit on Emerging Adults, designed to examine the Illinois justice system's history of addressing emerging adult issues and best practices for the emerging adult population. 

Southern Illinois University Foundation

$5,000 to support the Illinois Law & Leadership Institute summer camp program

The Illinois Law & Leadership Institute (ILLI) is a one week summer camp in Carbondale that serves as a legal immersion program for 9th and 10th grade students of diverse backgrounds. Students work with law students, attorneys, and judges on a curriculum that offers fun and educational activities centered on the legal profession. The ILLI is offered free of charge to students from targeted underrepresented populations. 

For more information, please email or call 312-726-6072.


In memory of her late husband, Hon. Carole K. Bellows created a scholarship fund to assist law school students at the University of Illinois College of Law.  

Since 2014, the Jason E. Bellows Fund has awarded a partial scholarship to a first year U of I law student in need.


The Children's Assistance Fund, overseen by the ISBA Young Lawyers Division, awards grants to organizations across the state related to children and law. Initially created to assist with the opening of children’s waiting rooms in courthouses across the state, the IBF/YLD Children’s Assistance Fund has since broadened its goals. Now, the IBF/YLD Children’s Assistance Fund supports organizations throughout Illinois that provide legal assistance to children, work to reduce recidivism of juveniles, and/or work to reduce incidents of domestic violence in families with children. The Children’s Assistance Fund has distributed nearly $300,000 in grants over the past seventeen years.


FY19 Grantees


Public Interest Law Initiative

$6,000 to support the ISBA YLD Intern Program

The ISBA YLD Intern will provide legal services to or on behalf of children, working for 400 hours during a summer internship at a PILI participant agency. The intern will yield immediate tangible results for their agencies and the clients they serve through direct legal aid, while also helping to create long-term sustainability of legal services through the relationships and skills they build and through the commitment to service fostered through their PILI Internship.