The ISBA Mutual Insurance Company has partnered with the Illinois Bar Foundation to create the

ISBA Mutual Giving Circle. This program allows ISBA Mutual policyholders to donate all or part of their dividend to support the mission of the IBF. These generous contributions help close the gap in the civil justice system by providing funding for civil legal aid programs throughout the state of Illinois and will also help provide financial aid to lawyers who are no longer able to support themselves and their families due to age and/or illness or injury.

Firms who join the ISBA Mutual Giving Circle receive recognition on the IBF and ISBA Mutual websites, recognition on the ISBA's Illinois Lawyer Now blog, a certificate of recognition, and documentation acknowledging their 100% tax deductible donation.

Firms who donate their entire dividend join the exclusive ranks of the 100% Club, which in addition to the above benefits, entitles them to receive quarterly recognition in the Illinois Bar Journal, recognition at the ISBA Annual Meeting, and recognition posted in the 20 S. Clark Street offices of the ISBA Mutual and Illinois Bar Foundation.

As an added benefit, Giving Circle members may restrict their donation for the appellate district of their choosing, allowing their contribution to stay closer to home.


For more information on joining the ISBA Mutual Giving Circle, contact the

Illinois Bar Foundation at (312) 726-6072 or

isba mutual giving circle

Donor names reflect membership from February 1, 2018 - February 6, 2019.

100% Club Members: 

Acosta Law Group

Jean A. Adams, Attorney At Law

Angelini & Ori, LLC

Judith Armstrong LLC

Arnett Law Group, LLC

Patricia Banks, Retired Judge

Bizzieri Law Offices, LLC

Philip D. Blomberg, Attorney At Law

Michael Buckley Bolan, Attorney At Law

Bonjean Law Office

Boshardy Law Office, P.C.

Law Offices of Bosslet & O'Leary, Ltd.

Kevin Boyne, P.C.

Michael E. Brandt, Attorney At Law

Joel Brosk, Attorney at Law

Dennis J. Burke, Attorney at Law

Franklin D. Burkey, Attorney at Law

William F. Carmody Law Office

Castaneda Law Office

Law Office of Gregory Catrambone, P.C.

Chausow Shafer, P.C.

Catherine E. Churm Howard, Attorney At Law

Randall F. Clark, Attorney At Law

Law Offices Of David W. Clark, P.C.

Coffman Law Offices, P.C.

Norman Conrad, Attorney At Law

The Law Office of Carol Coplan Babbitt

Ronald F. Coplan, P.C.

Law Office of Jenny Cruz Pedroza, LLC

David L. Cwik, Attorney At Law

Law Office of Barbara F. De Kerf

Law Office of Jon W. DeMoss

Dobben Law LLC

Law Offices of Elsie Dorta-Dean PC

Eisenhart Law Office

Law Office of Anthony S. Esposito

Mary B. Etrick, Attorney at Law

Douglas G. Felder, P.C.

Richard D. Felice PC

Law Office Of Eileen R. Fitzgerald

Flaherty Law

Flannery, Hoover & Boyd, Ltd.

Fogel Law Offices

William Y. Franks, Attorney At Law

James Garfield, Attorney at Law

Gauthier Family Law

Geraci, Arreola & Hernandez, L.L.C.

Gilmartin Legal, LLC

Richard A. Ginsburg, Attorney At Law

Freddi L. Greenberg, Attorney at Law

Joel H. Greenburg, Ltd.

Eugene L. Griffin & Associates, Ltd.

James Hackett, Attorney At Law

Hammel Law Office, P.C.

James T. Harrington Attorney-at-Law

Katherine D. Hart, Attorney at Law

Law Offices of Ronald L. Haskell

Law Offices of Robert J. Hennessy

Hernandez & Reynolds, LLC

Law Office Of Susan Shea Hickel

The Law Offices Of Melinda Higgins Brom

Hitpas Mediation

Patricia K. Hogan, Attorney At Law

James F. Holderman, Attorney At Law

Laura J. Hoover, Attorney at Law

Hoyle Law Office

Eugenia C. Hunter, Attorney At Law

Becky Bair Hurley P.C.

Bridget W. Hutchen, Attorney at Law

Insight Counsel, LLC

The Law Office of John C. Ireland

Law Offices of George J. Jasinski

Law Office Of Judith Jenz

Roger J. Kiley, Jr., P.C.

Klein Law Group, P.C.

Konicek & Dillon, P.C.

Law Office of Harry C. Lee

LeFebvre Law Office Ltd.

Leonard & Associates

Law Offices of David S. Lipschultz

Lohse Law, Inc.

Gary S. Lundeen, Attorney At Law

Vincent C. Machroli, P.C.

Terence M. Madsen, Attorney at Law

Maher Legal Services, P.C.

Mathein Family Mediation

Melanie J. Matiasek, P.C.

Patrick Mazza & Associates

David H. McCarthy, Attorney at Law

McElroy Law Office, LLC

Law Office of Mike McElvain

McKeown Law Office

Nemesis Law Group, LLC d/b/a McQueeney & McQueeney

Theresa Miller, Attorney at Law

Law Office of Laura Amador Mitacek

The Law Offices of Rachel A. Moreau Newby, P.C.

Sheila M. Murphy, Attorney at Law

Neumann Legal Services, Llc

Nicoara & Steagall

Law Office of Irving J. Ochsenschlager

Mark R. Olander, Attorney At Law

Kathleen J. O'Rourke, Ltd.

Dennis J. Orsey, P.C.

Parts & Spencer, Ltd.

Pehlari Law Firm LLC

Peithmann Law Office

Law Offices Of Paul E. Peldyak

Pellegrini & Cristiano

Alan A. Pretnar, Attorney At Law

Law Offices Of Mary J. Raleigh

Mark S. Rapponotti Esq.

Law Offices of E. James Raymond, Ltd.

Jeana K. Reinbold, Attorney At Law

Reyna Law Office, P.C.

Robert M. Riffle, Esq.

Hon. Barbara A. Riley (Ret.)

John C. Robison, Jr., Attorney At Law

Law Office of Earl J. Roloff

Law Offices of John M. Saletta, P.C.

SAM Law Office, LLC

Douglas W. Schlak & Associates

Harold A. Schlicksup PC

Law Office of David R. Schlueter

Law Offices of David G. Seil

Law Offices of Paul E. Selin

Shield Law Firm

Law Office of Lorence H. Slutzky, Ltd.

Ronald D. Spears, Spears Dispute Resolution

Joseph J. Spingola, Attorney At Law

Sutkowski Law Office, Ltd.

John J. Swiess, Attorney at Law

Thomas, Mottaz, Eastman & Erthal

Totten Law Office LLC

Turner & Sackett Law Offices

Uhrich Law, P.C.

Alejandra I. Vilchis, Attorney At Law

Walsh, Fewkes & Sterba, P.C.

Edmund P. Wanderling, Attorney at Law

Robert L. Watson, Attorney At Law

Webber & Thies, P.C.

Law Office Of Claire A. Weinstein

Gary H. Wente, Attorney at Law

Leon C. Wexler, P.C.

Kristen A. White d/b/a Law Office of Kristen A. White

WhiteheadFink Elder Law, LLC

Whitt Law LLC

Law Office of Robert H. Wier

Claire M. Wilson, Attorney at Law

Thomas J. Wolf, Jr., P.C.

The Wood Law Office, LLC

Zuelke Law Office

Bruce Zywiec, Attorney at Law

Giving Circle Members: 

Acosta Ezgur, LLC

Law Office Of Armstrong & Grove LLC

Avalon Law, P.C.

The Law Offices Of William L. Barr, Ltd.

Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP

Beal, Pratt & Pratt

Beavers, Graham & Calvert

Law Office Of James J. Bentivoglio

The Bernstein Law Firm, LLC

Law Office of David C. Birks, Ltd.

Black Black & Brown, Attorneys at Law

Boggs & Fillenwarth

Hon. Terrence J. Brady, Ret.

Thomas E. Brennan, Ltd.

Buikema Law Group LLC

Janet Buttron, Attorney At Law

Alexis Chardon

Thomas A. Clancy, Attorney At Law

Crisanti & Young, P.C.

Christopher J. Cummings, P.C.

The Law Offices Of Carlos H. Davalos

Di Silvestro & Associates

Dixon Giesen & Flessner

Damon W. Doucet, Attorney at Law, Ltd.

Doyle Law Team, P.C.

Daniel D. Drew, P.C.

David S. Dunn, Attorney At Law

Randall B. Ehlers, Attorney At Law

Engelman & Smith

Franks, Gerkin & McKenna, P.C.

Law Offices of Jeanine Friedman PC

James W. Garlanger, Attorney At Law

Gatza & Milus, P.C.

W. T. Godbolt, Esq., Ltd.

Robert S. Graettinger, P.C.

Grauer & Kriegel, LLC

Law Offices of Phillip Grossman

Gerard D. Haderlein, Attorney At Law

Harlovic and Perko, Attorneys at Law

Harms Law Firm

William K. Holman, P.C.

Law Office Of Marsha D. Holzhauer

Thomas M. Hundman, Attorney At Law

Hynes Law Offices, LLC

The Integrity Law Group, LLC

Jacobs Kolton, Chtd.

Karen L. Johnson, P.C.

Whitney Kampwerth Luebbers, Attorney At Law

Keefe, Keefe & Unsell, P.C.

Law Offices of Tammie Krauskopf, LLC

Law Offices Of Norman I. Kurtz, Ltd.

Lackey & Stevenson, P.C.

Lasko Legal Services

Law Crawford, P.C.

Law Offices of Marc J. Leaf, P.C.

James K. Lennon, P.C.

Law Offices Of J. Mark Lukanich

Luzbetak & Caneva

Lynch Thompson LLP

Law Office of Hugh R. Mc Combs, LLC

Elizabeth M. Miller, Attorney at Law

Moirano Gorman Kenny, LLC

Robert S. Molaro & Associates

Christopher S. Montgomery, Attorney At Law, P.C.

Nelson, Kilgus, Richey & Buckwalter-Schurman

Arnold Newman, Attorney at Law

Oliver Close, LLC

Rasmussen And Dittmer, LLC

Robbins & Robbins, Ltd.

Kathleen E. Rodriguez, Esq.

Romanucci & Blandin, LLC

Law Office of Henry Eric Schmalz

Schweickert & Ganassin, LLP

The Law Offices Of Jeffrey S. Sell

Scott A. Shore, Attorney At Law

Smestad Law, LLC

Smith & Smith

Law Office Of Donald F. Spak

Spillane Law

The Law Office Of Edward H. Stone

Michael G. Swiatek, Attorney at Law

Tarpey, Jones & Schroeder, LLC

Tuite Law

Law Office Of Eitan Weltman

Wharrie Law Firm

Richard J. Witry, Attorney At Law

Youssi & Youssi, Ltd.

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