The Illinois Bar Foundation Grants Program seeks to support organizations that provide meaningful access to the civil justice system, especially for those with limited means. Because of the support provided by lawyers and law firms, the IBF is able to provide funding to the legal aid organizations across Illinois which provide fundamental civil legal services to those who would otherwise not have equal entree to justice. The IBF, throughout its long history, has sustained and helped create many organizations that provide critical legal support to vulnerable individuals.


With that intent, the Illinois Bar Foundation provided grants to non-profit organizations that:


-Enhance the availability of civil legal aid to those of limited means

-Encourage Pro Bono legal work

-Educate Illinois residents about their rights and responsibilities under the law

Nonprofit organizations seeking funding from the Illinois Bar Foundation should review these revised guidelines to determine their eligibility and to understand the application process.

The FY21 Access to Justice Grants Process is now open -

please visit the Grants Guidelines and our application portal here to apply.

access to justice grants